Creating a website is a comprehensive process that includes various tasks to create an attractive, functional and efficient online presence. Here are the most important tasks involved in website creation:

  • Requirements analysis
    • Identification of the client's specific requirements and goals for the website.
  • Concept Development
    • Creation of a clear concept for the structure, functions and design of the website.
  • Domain and Hosting Setup:
    • Selecting and registering a suitable domain and setting up the hosting server for the website.
  • Design phase:
    • Developing a visual design that reflects the brand identity and ensures a positive user experience.
  • Development
    • Translating the design into working code, using HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and other relevant technologies.
  • Responsive Design:
    • Ensuring the website displays optimally on different devices and screen sizes.
  • Integration of functions:
    • Integration of functions such as contact forms, social media links, e-commerce tools or other specific requirements.
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